Which antivirus protection is the best?

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There are a currently plenty of anti virus protection on the market for you to choose. The leaders are pretty obvious and they are MacAfee and Norton but they may not definitely be the best anti virus protection available. The needs of individuals and corporations vary and different software can meet the needs of different folks. You need to do a self-assessment before you can really decide on the best option for yourself.

The most rudimentary specifications that must be available for any antivirus protectionsoftware is protection against phishing, virus, spyware, malware, Trojans, adware etc. The antivirus tool must be able to shield your computer from the latest virus or malware and if you are a commercial user, you would probably want your company-wide computer systems to be protected with the best security. To this end, the antivirus tool must have the full range of security available and it must be updated to the latest threats. New viruses are released everyday and an annual timeline for updating is not the most appropriate schedule for anti virus software. A yearly update will mean that you are only protected against last year’s viruses.

The best antivirus tool should have a good firewall to keep out unwanted traffic from suspicious external servers and systems and it must be able to stop your own applications from uploading non-authorized information or data, which can compromise your PC. However, this firewall must not slow down your system or internet speed else the effort would not be justifiable.

When you are comparing different antivirus tools, take note of what are your personal Internet habits or how are the people in your company behaving online. This information will assist you to decide which antivirus tool will meet your requirements. If you do not download files or torrents regularly, your protection needs could be lesser and can survive with a simple antivirus with an email scanner. You can also make do with the Windows firewall but if you are a heavy user who downloads torrent files from unsavory sites, you should invest in an industrial grade antivirus tool.

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