Why should you make your next mobile phone a smartphone?

Written by Hugh McInnes


Smartphones provide the convenient functionality of mobile phones and PDAs all in one device. There are many different types of smartphones that are available on the market. Consumers that own smartphones, find it hard to imagine life without one. However, despite the unquestionable benefit of access-anywhere Internet and other innovative applications, studies reveal that only one in six Australians own smartphones.

There are many advantages to owning a smartphone. Smartphones essentially eliminate the dependence on having two standalone devices which can save consumers money by relying on one primary unit. The ability to receive and send email when apart from a computer is a major advantage to owning a smartphone. These mobile devices can consolidate several different email accounts, alleviating the need to go to different websites and entering different logon credentials.

Email has become a vital communication tool, more so than telephones, therefore it is essential for many users to ensure important emails can be accessed when needed. While laptop computers have shown to be very useful in allowing portable wireless access, they are often cumbersome to carry around if there is only a need to send a receive emails. Smartphones help to fill this gap in the market by providing a more convenient way to access email.

The most recent generation of smartphones also supply excellent internet browsing capabilities. Websites display on the smartphone screen similar to how they would on a computer monitor. Looking up information online, is very easy to do with this device.

There are also several apps that enhance online offerings of smartphones. Users can perform a range of activities while on the go, such as booking travel flights or looking up movie times. The ability to surf the Internet is one of the main advantages to owning a smartphone. Having constant access to news, sports, weather and a multitude of other kinds of information, has become the major appeal of these mobile devices.

Smartphones have the additional benefit of running various third-party applications. This capability permits users to customise their smartphone to meet their particular needs. Many of these applications are free and provide many useful services. Some are merely novelty apps that only serve for entertainment purposes while many others are highly functional.

These mobile devices also offer a range of multimedia features. It is possible to watch full length feature movies and television shows and play an extensive range of video games. These units also come equipped with video and camera capabilities, that are continuing to advance in the quality of their output. Most of these devices also come with MP3 or MP4 functionality.

Once exposed to the many onboard features of a smartphone, many users find it difficult to go back to the more basic functions of a traditional mobile phone. It is important to note that users that opt to purchase a smart phone, will need to acquire a sufficient data plan for wireless internet access. These mobile devices are also capable of running on free wireless hot spots that are commonly provided in coffee shops and internet cafes. All of the major smartphone carriers offer a variety of plans to suit all types of users.

As the industry continues to produce advanced smartphone devices, their use will continue to grow. The explosion in popularity of social networks has also increased the demand for smartphones. There are many reasons why consumers are making the switch from standard mobile phones to the multifunctional smartphones. In today’s highly technical society, consumers are becoming more dependant on continued internet access to address both personal and business needs. Smartphones are gradually replacing standard mobile phones in many markets.


About the Author:

Hugh Mcinnes is a techie come gadget gorger, but since switching from his old mobile phone to one of the latest smartphones, he has not only the internet in his hand, but numerous other apps to run his life. He is well and truly taken by the new mobile phones of today.